Hoster review part 3 – Flexiscale/Flexiant

Part 3 of my personal hoster review

Flexiscale is a cloud server provider in the UK. At my current company we’ve moved a few websites and other services from physical machines in a datacenter in London to cloud servers provided by Flexiscale, now Flexiant. The reason I can’t display any cpustat info or openssl speed results is simply because we’ve shut down all our Flexiant servers, since in the last few months there were simply too many downtimes, caused by networking errors here, some crash there, etc. etc. It just was deemed not reliable enough anymore, so we moved away.

<Update 24th November>
Upon this article already ranking high in Google, I got a mail from Tony, the founder of Flexiant, in which he states
“I apologise for the problems you had whilst you were using it, as you
will have seen from the frequent updates we gave, we do now firmly
believe all the problems to be resolved.”

(published with Tony’s permission)

I wish Flexiant well and will indeed try out Flexiant again at some point upon Tony’s assurance.
</Update 24th November>

Their supported / offered Linux distributions are:
– CentOS 5.4 64 bit
– Debian 5.0 64 bit
– Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32 & 64 bit
– Ubuntu 9.04 32 & 64 bit
– add your own iso file and install

Further distributions are in the works, according to their page.

Their first control panel was very spartanic, mostly blank pages with text and links, that’s about it. It did offer all needed features and didn’t overload you with all sorts of stuff you don’t need nor want to see and worked well. Over time they moved to a new control panel, which also included a migration on their back end. The new control panel’s quite stylish and neatly done, offers equally all needed features, and does it quite well.

As with Rackspacecloud, they charge on an hourly basis, since you can scale your machine’s resources up and down on the fly as you need. Flexiant uses Xen as their virtualization choice, although their Extility software supports multiple hypervisors.

No openssl speed test available