My Conky-Lua settings

Just recently I thought I should add some more use to my empty desktops, so conky came in mind. Browsing around for some good ideas I figured may as well go the whole Conky-Lua path and make it all nice and dandy.

The Conky Lua scripts for my desktop PC were acquired here and subsequently adjusted to look like below:


I’ve tarballed it (too much to copy/paste here), which contains the original script from the link above, just adjusted. Extract it in ~/.conky/ and it’ll create rings2. I’ve named it rings2 since I already had another directory named rings in there.

The conkyrc is my adjusted file, the original is conkyrc-ex1. Copy the conkyrc to ~/.conkyrc and start it up.

You can find the tarball here

The top ring shows the CPU use, second ring shows percentage of RAM used, third ring shows the eth0 up and down speeds. The fourth ring shows the CPU Temp in the outer ring, the inner ring shows the fan speed. Next ring are two HDD space percentages, followed by the HDD temperatures. I somehow haven’t gotten the rings to show up the HDD temperatures unfortunately. The four strings below are Hostname, Kernel, uptime, running processes.

My work laptop conky looks as below:


This particular script I got from a user post on a forum, here. I’ve adjusted the style and settings a bit too for my needs and tarballed those.

Extract the tarball to ~/.conky/ which you can find here, and it’ll create muzi_rings, then copy ./conky/muzi_rings/conkyrc to ~/.conkyrc and fire conky up.

Those rings show the following:
Outer ring top: Laptop battery state
Outer ring right: HDD % used /home
Outer ring bottom: RAM % used
Outer ring left: HDD % used /

Second ring top: Swap used
Second ring right: eth0 down speed
Second ring bottom: HDD % used /external
Second ring left: eth0 up speed

Third ring clockwise CPU 1 – CPU 4 load
Inner rings from outside to inside Hour, Minute, Second

Inside Hostname and Kernel.


My rings2 config
My muzi_rings config

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