WordPress, Simple Press, and AWS

End of last month I’ve set up a site based on WordPress with a forum system called Simplepress for a project of two friends of mine and me. I decided to take advantage of the free Amazon AWS tier for this, so I’ve set up a new account for the project with the appropriate domain…

My Conky-Lua settings

Just recently I thought I should add some more use to my empty desktops, so conky came in mind. Browsing around for some good ideas I figured may as well go the whole Conky-Lua path and make it all nice and dandy.

Testing, testing, and then some more testing

After having spend some time not being busy with WordPress sites, modifications, plugins, etc. etc. (well, other than maintaining my own WP enabled sites) I’m currently again working on a WP-site with some added features, such as an integrated/bridged phpBB Forum, and more features to install/test.

device eth1 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization

So here I am, looking at two identical machines with identical OS installation and configuration etc., all appearing fine with other installations/configurations I’m working on, when I ended up doing a network device check running ifconfig and then wondering, why does machine-A have eth0 and eth1, but machine-B is missing eth-1?