Section 9 Systems

As of March 2014 I am now director of my own company, named “Section 9 Systems Limited”, providing “Information technology Linux and cloud infrastructure engineering and consultancy”. The provided services include maintenance and administration of existing Linux infrastructure, be it on in-house physical machines, virtual machines on e.g. KVM or VMWare hypervisors, or with 3rd party providers such as Amazon Web Services, as well as advising and engineering of a new infrastructure setup in either environment, no matter if it’s for extending the current estate or planning a migration from one environment to another, for instance moving from in-house VMWare based hosts to Amazon Web Services. A special focus is given on system security, improving current security policies and their implementation, or devising new policies and enforcing those.

If you would like to know more about my previous work and my experiences, please view my online CV from the menu above, and contact me for rates and availability.

For on-premise work my area covers South Essex to Central London, other areas can be negotiated.

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